TD-Y3V Series

TD-Y3V Series

Toshiba's TD-Y3V series is a high quality videowall solution that can be customised to suit your business requirement and supports multi-screen tiling of up to 10 x 10 displays in either portrait or landscape mode. The Direct LED IPS displays ensure superior picture quality and the slim design with 3.5mm narrow bezel makes the TD-Y3V suitable for any professional environment.

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Create Enormous Displays

Create engaging signage on a large scale with multi-screen tiling of up to 100 videowalls in a 10 x 10 configuration, in either portrait or landscape orientation. The 3.5mm narrow bezel, means that every inch of videowall screen is exploited to its full potential for maximum impact.

16/7 performance

Impactful Displays

Toshiba’s TD-Y3V videowalls offer truly superior image quality and clarity with direct LED backlighting and IPS display. This combined with a light output capacity of up to 500 Nit all helps create great impact and standout content in any environment.

Clear, Professional Playback

Schedule content at the right time

The built in Real Time Clock means the displays keep their internal clock setting, even for prolonged periods of power down or interruptions of the local network. Content can therefore always be synchronised and scheduled, including USB playback, exactly at the time you want it.

Fully Customisable

Extensive Connectivity

A wide range of input and outputs, makes the TD-Y3V series easy to set up and go. Tiling and daisy-chaining options allow you to link numerous screens creating visually striking videowalls. Additionally the user can easily control videowalls individually or all at the same time using the remote control.

Flexibility and Creativity

Embedded Signage

Embedded signage (SoC) allowing software partners to port their own solutions directly on Toshiba Business Displays. The embedded software solutions run directly within the displays, linking central software systems without the need for external media devices or additional cabling.

Controlled Remotely
Screen Size 49” (124cm) 55” (140cm)
55” (140cm)
Direct LED Display IPS Display IPS Display SVA Display
Full HD 1080p resolution
24/7 usage from 450 Nit 500 Nit 700 Nit
Landscape/ Portrait option
Embedded USB player & scheduler
Realtime Clock
Embedded Signage
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