Securing Cyber Communication

Today’s cyber security measures will not stand a chance when quantum computing technology matures, leaving our online information vulnerable.

Securing the Future: Navigating the Quantum Computing Threat

Quantum computing promises immense processing power, opening new opportunities in artificial intelligence that can help lead to massive developments, such as breakthroughs in drug and chemical research that impact the development of new products and medicines. However, quantum computing also poses unparalleled risks to data security. As quantum computers advance, they gain the ability to rapidly crack current encryption methods like RSA, ECC, and AES, exposing sensitive data on a massive scale. Organizations must remain vigilant to the threats of quantum computing, adapting their defenses to secure our digital future.

Quantum computers leverage the unique properties of quantum physics to perform calculations exponentially faster than classical computers. Within years, scalable quantum computers will be able to break the public key infrastructure relied upon by most digital communications, rendering them insecure. The implications will be severe: mass surveillance, theft of classified data, and the decryption of sensitive information across every sector.

Facing the Quantum Threat

The risks posed by quantum computing will soon be inescapable, and the security of data stored today could be decimated in the near future. To defend against this threat, organizations must adopt a defense-in-depth approach to security, implementing layered solutions that don’t rely on a single line of protection. Quantum key distribution (QKD) leverages the fundamental laws of quantum physics to exchange encryption keys between parties with provable security, providing organizations with the ability to revolutionize their IT infrastructure with the most secure communications known today. Combining QKD with post-quantum cryptographies like lattice-based and hash-based algorithms can provide robust, multilayered security.

Toshiba’s Role in a Quantum-Safe Future

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Toshiba, anchored by our philosophy "Committed to People, Committed to the Future,” harnesses generations of innovation and technical expertise in a steadfast commitment to navigating these emerging challenges. We continually strive to make the world a safer, more secure place, confronting complex technological threats with cutting-edge solutions. This unwavering commitment underpins our every effort in the quest for digital security.

Toshiba stands at the forefront of quantum-safe cybersecurity through our pioneering work in QKD creating a perfectly secret communication channel resistant even to attacks from the most powerful quantum computers. Our industry-leading platforms (in distance covered without the need for repeaters and high-rate key creation) allow organizations to build ultra-secure networks through active collaboration with top researchers and partners to drive continued innovation. These quantum-secure solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly, safeguarding data now and in the future.

Toshiba's quantum-secure solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly, safeguarding data now and in the future.

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Building a quantum-safe future requires collaboration across sectors, which is why Toshiba partners with industry leaders, academics, and government officials to analyze threats, develop standards, and advocate for widespread quantum-safe technology adoption. Ongoing innovation also remains critical as new risks emerge. We invest heavily in research to guarantee our products provide the highest level of security imaginable against both current and future quantum threats.

The potential of quantum computing brings immense opportunity alongside unprecedented risk. Toshiba stands ready to secure our digital infrastructure against the coming quantum storm. With vigilance, cooperation, and relentless innovation, we can embrace the power of quantum while safeguarding privacy and security.

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